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Friday, 31 January 2014

Watch Nadia Download New Nollywood Movie [7 Books Of Moses Part 2 ]

Comment: Long ago, in the kingdom of Mambila, the birth of twins was forbidden; in otherwards, they were killed and their mothers were sent into the evil forest. And it came to pass, that seven women gave birth to twins at about the same time and the king still insisted that judgement must be carried out and ordered the execution of the babies. No one dares to question his authority except one brave woman. Now in recent time, the past has come to haunt the present, evil has found it's root on Mambila's seat of power, sudden darkness has evaded the land, the king and his subject are troubled. It will take seven beautiful damsels; from the lineage of the accused to solve this strange puzzle. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MOVIEyou can download the part1 in the movies section below.
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